iPhone street photo by Marc Flores

What is the best iPhone for street photography?

The best iPhone for street photography isn’t the iPhone 14, or the iPhone 13 Pro Max, or the iPhone 12…

So, which iPhone is the best for street photography?

It’s the one you have on you.

iPhone street photography photo by Mauricia Arias.

Photo courtesy of Mauricio Arias

Without sounding too trite, it’s become a cliche now to say that “the best camera is the one you have on you,” but it’s absolutely true.

This sentiment was originally made popular by Chase Jarvis.

And in my 13 years of experience with street photography, both with an iPhone and my Fuji cameras, the best one really is the one you have on you. More often than not, you’ll have your iPhone with you more than your “real” camera.

The Best iPhone for Street Photography is any iPhone

Ever since the iPhone 3G/3GS models came out where you could adjust focus and exposure by touching the screen, Apple’s smartphone became a viable camera. It was no longer just a point-and-shoot.

There are three things you want in a camera suited for street photography:

  • Small form factor
  • Quick to fire up and take a photo
  • Quick to focus and take burst shots

Everything else, from straps to grips to fancy shutter buttons comes secondary.

Life on the street happens fast, and photo-worthy moments fly by in an instant. You need to anticipate when a great photo is about to happen, and be ready for it with a fast performing camera.

The iPhone camera is great for street photography because it opens quickly and can start shooting immediately.

When you’re trying to work a sunset photo or street portrait, don’t stress too much about whether your iPhone is capable of producing a beautiful photo.

If you have a model that was released some time in the last 6-7 years, you’re golden.






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