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Welcome to The iPhone Lens!

Thanks for visiting The iPhone Lens! Here you’ll find iPhone photography tips, tricks, techniques, and accessory reviews.

As the iPhone continues to rise as the camera most people use these days, it’s worth taking some time to hone our photography skills–especially when it comes to using the iPhone as a camera.

Who created The iPhone Lens?

The iPhone Lens is edited by Marc Flores, a veteran photographer with over a decade of experience shooting for Getty Images, Disney, Pixar, Sony, and doing wedding photography.

Our goal here is to make everyone a better iPhone photographer, and just better photographers in general. But because of the iPhone’s form factor, limitations, and ever evolving software, we’re going to give all of our photography tips and tricks an iPhone-biased slant.

And if you have ever have comments, concerns, or you just want to say hi, shoot us an e-mail!






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